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  1. Want You have high rank page of your web site?

    As is known the search systems range sites by many parameters. One of key parameters is a popularity of that site from which refer to yours, and also its information orientation is important.
    Many foreign catalogues refer to our portal; it is indexed by many foreign search systems. Information interchange with our portal will allow having higher index of ranging of your site, in comparison with sites of your competitors.

  2. Want You will be to index base the russian search engenes?

    Unfortunately the slogan "the Internet without borders" is true only from a part. In the Internet there are borders which very complex for overcoming. For example, national search engines directly declare: "We will not register your site, if it not from our country". But in your language, speaks and searches for huge quantity of users in other countries.
    But robots have a special property. Scanning pages, they in following pass go under all references which have found on page and insert new addresses in own base. Working with us! And your site will be automatically registered.
    Our portal is already indexed by the following engines:
    China - Google.cn, Yahoo.cn, Baidu, 3721.com, Yisou, Zhongsou, Hong Kong Yahoo, QQ, So.265, Sogou, So.163, SoSo;
    Taiwan - Openfind, Google.tw;
    S. Korea - Naver;
    Japan - Tom.com, Goo;
    Czech - Seznam, Centrum, Google.cz, Atlas, Quick, Earthcom, Navrcholu, Cent, OpenDir, InfoWeb, Megaobchod, BezvaPortal, Alfa Elchron, Zoohoo;
    Italy - Canaglia, Virgilio, Google.it, Vivisimo, Yahoo.it, Abcitaly, Lycos.it, NetSonar, Iltrovatore;
    Russia - Yandex, Rambler, Aport, Google.ru, Webalta, Nigma, MetaBot;
    Belarus - Open, TUT, Google.by, BR, Date, Akavita;
    Ukraine - Meta, Oboz.ua;;
    World - Yahoo, Google, MSN, AltaVista, Alltheweb, Hotbot, Overture, Teoma, Ask Jeeves, Picsearch, Lycos, ICQ, MetaCrawler, Avantfind, Amazon, Websearch, AOL, ExaLead, Alexa, WebCrawler, DMOZ, Starware, Netscape, Netster, Mamma, Dogpile, Ix quick, Clusty Beta, Amidalla, Snap, Use, Information, Scroogle, Blingo, Windseek, InfoSpace, Answers, Gigablast, Bing, Pdf Search Engine, Zuvio;
    European - EuroSeek;
    Holland - KellySearch, NetMenu;
    Norway - Boitho, ABC Startsiden, Kvasir, Sesam;
    Poland - Onet.Pl;
    Germany - Peerbot;
    Portugal - Sapo;

  3. Want You work with foreign companies?

    Russian users looking for simply in Russian; Chinese users are in Chinese; English users are in English, Czech users are in Czech. And the majority foreign companies make like this. Let's foreign firms learn about you on their native language! Clearness is a first step to cooperation!