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The work of Tiwatiwacom is directed to the establishment and development the partner relations among the Russian companies and the companies other countries.

Services of our project are suggested all wishing to expand the field of activity outside the country, and also that that requires support during their stay abroad or in a point of a support for cooperation and development of commercial attitudes with foreign partners.

Tiwatiwacom - there are high-qualified team of the experts, than have the wide experience of work in the real sector of economics and also in the consulting and the practical services. All the companies-partners entering into project Tiwatiwacom have serious business reputation in the countries and a huge practice of work in the spheres. The combination of knowledge, experience allows us operatively and qualitatively to develop the decisions, capable to satisfy individual inquiries of the client. All the companies entering into the project, work as a uniform command and base the attitudes on mutual understanding, partnership, and an establishment of long-term attitudes with clients.

Experts and partners of project Tiwatiwacom possess the exhaustive and actual information about the markets of the countries in which the project works the goods, services and the companies working in these regions. Also are always ready to render you the qualified help and support in promotion of perspective projects.

The satisfaction of needs of clients is for us the main tasks in work. We try to attain to understand more detail of inquiries of our clients and to offer it is more, than from us expect. One of our key competitions is skill to involve necessary practical resources under concrete projects.

We use the complex approach at the analysis and development of decisions. Considering and analyzing problems from the various points of view, we try to attain to foresee as current giving as long-term strategic effect.

Tiwatiwacom guarantees dynamical work with accounting of all national peculiarities to conduct of business and full absence of language barriers, thanks to availability of representations and partners in territory of the several countries. Working with us, you will have an opportunity to communicate with the different categories of the companies.

The databank with addresses of firms constantly updated allows adjusting directly communications between the companies, providing reliable contact and information interchange.

Users of project Tiwatiwacom are the enterprises and the firms interested in development of business cooperation, expansion of commodity markets of the goods and services, participation in exhibitions and fairs, in opening the branches and representations.

The basic purpose of project Tiwatiwacom are provided all necessary conditions for successful work between the Russian companies and the companies of all worlds.