Legal services Belarus


Legal services:
On-going legal attending of your business by our company will help you to avoid many mistakes, which may have rather serious consequences. Duly consultations in various branches of the right, worked questions and schemes, well prepared contracts can prevent the arising of problems, which is always more favorable, than attempting to correct or minimize the consequences afterwards. We are ready to represent your interests in courts, arbitration and other bodies, both on the territory of Belarus.
Finances and audit:
Up-to-date business activities imply knowledge and use of the legal schemes of the optimization of taxes, minimization of expenses, duly control over all stages of production. For conducting foreign trade activities, planning of realization of your goods, works and services, the analysis of the features of the monetary and tax laws of your partner is necessary. We are experienced in working in Belarus, Ukraine, and we will be pleased to share our experience with you.
Credit and finances:
The reasonable Choice assumes the control over the situation and objective estimation of the financial status of companies, the rate of their solvency and competitiveness on the market. If the Uncertainty in the reliability of the companies prevented you from acquiring new partners, we have the honors to help you.
Marketing & PR:
Every company in a certain period of its existence faces with a question of what and how many to produce, how should it inform about these changes its customers, which level of prices should it impose and how to survive in conditions of rigid competition? To find answers to all these questions we propose you to apply for our marketing and PR services.
Organizational consulting:
The organization may be good, it may be bad, but it is never everlasting. The conditions of business and the market are constantly changing; new firms are being created and developed. You have to "run very quickly to stay at one place". The objective of organizational consulting is to help the manager keep up with the changes, conduct re-organization, work out optimal organizational forms for the developing business. Live actively, work better, change positively, and we will help you.
Personnel and staff recruitment:
We offer a various choice of methods and tools for problem solving, oriented on the improvement of the management systems and ways of effective development of business. We conduct the search and recruitment of the specialists and managers for transport and forwarding companies in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania. We also develop and carry out the programs aimed to increase the effectiveness of the staff performance. These programs promote development of professionalism and business activity of the employees of transport and forwarding companies. Our experts perform diagnostics of the state of the company; audit of the staff record keeping.