Czech Lipno Climbing Rest at the water

Sport and Leisure tours:
Rock Climbing and Rappelling
Lipno Everyone who has experienced rock climbing leaves rocks with a sense of fulfillment. The rewards of climbing are numerous, and include a sense of adventure, self esteem, trust, confidence, and physical fitness.
Originally, climbing was considered a sport suited only for rugged, overly adventurous people. Nowadays the experienced instructors make it possible for all types, ages, and sizes of people to become familiar with this wondrous sport. We use shorter, easier paths at the beginning, before progressing on to longer more demanding ones. The climbing program is complemented by at least one rappelling route.
Horseback riding at Shumava
Maybe the words about the most beautiful look to the world from horse back seem like a clich? to you, but in reality this experience never fades out. Definitely not on abandoned mountain paths of Shumava in the middle of the beautiful nature; where you will be led by our guide. Of course you can also take the lesson on the hippodrome.
Yachting at Lipno
Lipno Try how it feels to slide on surface of the Lipno Lake on the board of snow-white sailboat and listen to the waters-smelled wind singing in the canvas! If you are beginners or you don?t have necessary license, you can ride with our captain, who will teach you the basic of yachting in the sane time. If you are experienced sea wolfs, you can just rent a sailboat and go by yourself.
Canoeing, Rafting and Sailing
One of the great Czech holiday activities is to canoe or rafts down the Vltava River stopping at campsites along the way.  The area around Lipno is very popular and the river takes you past some lovely countryside. Again you can hire rafts and canoes, plus all the other equipment you need in Cesky Krumlov and it and you can be delivered and collected to and from the place you want to go. The trip from Cesky Krumlov to Zlata Koruna for example takes about 3 - 4 hrs. Alternatively you can just go round and round Cesky Krumlov, the river bows so much that it is quite easy to do so. If you don't like the idea of even that you can join the great sport of standing on the footbridge by the weirs below the castle and laughing at or cheering those canoeists who dare to take on the rapids there. Lake Lipno is where you need to go to do some sailing.
Feel the power of the kite! You will learn to control dirigible kite and then you can ride it on Lipno surface (kite surfing) or on surrounding meadows (land kiting). And in winter you can continue on snow!
Lipno Lipno offers ideal conditions for this popular sport. You can try windsurfing in some of our courses.
Tandem jump
Real adrenalin, when after the jump from the plane - tied to tandem pilot - you fall from 4000 meters by speed of 200 km/hour. Is it necessary to say more?
Mountain Biking and Cycle Trails
Lipno There are loads of well marked and maintained cycle trails across the area - you can buy special bike maps from the Information Centre. In the summer the Sumava National Park is a magnet for mountain bike riders. Cycling offers a wonderful way to see the countryside. You can hire bicycles in Lipno from a lot of sources, including our hotel.