Fashion Style Italy

Fashion Style

Search and selection the producers.
We choose the producer whose products are perfectly suits your tastes and your request, we be able to advise Italian collections that match you best. We offer you a collection of clothing, footwear and fashion, accessories (belts, bags, etc.), leather and fur garments, underwear, home textile, products from the warehouse well-known brands.

Order at your request.
We have the opportunity to apply for any brand of Italian fashion by your request, which will allow you to economize on a visit to Italy.

Consult and support for the purchase of the franchise.
Italy has many franchise systems in the field of fashion. If you want to become a franchisee but do not know how to select franchising, as find the franchisor, we can provide you the necessary information and support in communication.

Sending and delivery of the goods.
Collaboration with the leading transport companies that have extensive experience, enables us to offer the most attractive options for the delivery of your goods.

Processing of customs documents.
We will monitor that your cargos meet the requirements of customs country; and verified that the documents accompanying your cargo are properly filled.

Visa support.
We assist in the preparation of the necessary documents in processing visas for business visit and stay in Italy at different times.