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Residence permits for foreign investors in Latvia

The Parliament of the Republic of Latvia has passed amendments to the Law on Immigration providing additional possibilities of obtaining a residence permit in the Republic of Latvia. Amendments entered into force on July 01, 2010.
The residence permit of the Republic of Latvia automatically guarantees free movement of persons within the Schengen area, currently consisting of 25 European countries.
Having fulfilled one of the below criteria an investor may apply for the residence permit valid for the period of 5 years:
1 Placement of term deposit (Subordinated term deposit)
• from 300 000 EUR (6% annual rate)
• from 400 000 USD (5% annual rate)
2 Business establishments (Investment amount)
• from 25 000 LVL 36 000 EUR Taxes
• from 20 000 LVL 28 000 EUR per annum

Temporary residence permit will be available both for investors and their family members - spouses, underage children and persons that are under the surveillance/official care of such investors. Upon expiry of the term of residence permit investors and their family members are eligible to apply for the renewal.
The above stated terms and conditions on obtaining a temporary residence permit apply provided the term deposit is placed/the investment in real estate is made/or business is set up after July 01, 2010.
Tiwatiwacom & Baltikums Bank are ready to provide full advisory services and other support to its customers for obtaining a residence permit of the Republic of Latvia.
The Tiwatiwacom clients who open the placement of term deposit (Subordinated term deposit) in Rietumu Bank are getting the advertisement support in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus for 1 year without terms and free.

We can help you to become Europe's company.

If your products import in Latvia as separately parts and then bring together its, that you will have next results:
1 The customs payment - less;
2 Latvia Tax for foreign companies only 15%
3 You will be able to sell own products as European products ;
4 VAT between EU companies is 0%;
and etc..
The opening company, the law and accounting services, the promotion, the direct access to Baltic's trade networks, shipping from China to Latvia, the building and the workers - these all we can in Europe (Latvia). If will need the support Ministry of Economy, this will be also.
Also we will sell your products via our wholesale e-shop in Russia and Europe, and the small batch of goods at order.
What information about our services and possibilities you want to get yet?

The practical search of the business/ trades partner is in Latvia. The sales of your goods or products are in Latvia:

Send us the total business offer and price of your products for Latvia market. The business offer must to have the contact information and time period of the business offer.
1. The basic web page is at our portal in Latvia, with the detail business offer about search of the business partners, the buyers and etc. The photos, videos, prices are unlimited for the update. Price is 150 usd.
2. Mini marketing research is up to 300 usd.
3. The personal e-direct mail with your price list of the products and your business offer are to Latvia companies. The phone negotiations are with the Latvia companies, what will have received the business offer; the progress report and the final report. The price is from 700 usd.
4. When the company will interest your business offer, you can negotiate directly or via our translator (the price by agreement). The organization of visit in Latvia, the transfer and etc., the price is by agreement.
5. The other variants are by selling your products in Latvia: e-direct mail to Latvia companies, the presentation and etc.
6. The addition campaign: if the sum in the contract for work will be more 600 usd, then we will have made the personal web page in Russian for 1 year or constantly;
if the sum in the contract for work will be more 1200 usd, then we will have made the personal web page in Russian and one of the European languages to choose from (Czech, German, English, Italian) for 1 year or constantly;
if the sum in the contract for work will be more 3 000 usd, then you will have got other discount and action;


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