Seamless wallclothing from China

Tiwatiwacom Tiuden / Seamless wallclothing from China

» Breathe Free. The gap between wall cloth fibers of C.C Seamless Wall Clothing has the very good air permeability. The basic level uses water environmental air moisture permeability coating process. Through combining the cloth and coating process, the wall cloth has good air permeability, and the moisture proof function is admirable. And because the product itself keeps certain humidity, it provides the client a sense of warm in winter and cool in summer. Effective for you improve the whole wet environment of the household. We call it breathable wall cloth.
Soundproof and Waterproof. The wall cloth of C.C Seamless Wall Cloth has certain thickness. The sound-proofing effect of water coating on face is excellent. It includes more than 10 functions, such as higher performance sound absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, antibiosis, mould proof, waterproof, grease proof, antifouling, dustproof, etc. The wall cloth is not to be stained with dust and keep cleanly and freshly, make you free from worry and save effort.
Easily Tidy. The general sewage, fruit juice and grease are not adhering to, even to have dirty mark, can use white wet towel detergent with some scrub to clean. If cloth was covered with old oil stains, can be through our special tools to eliminate. Protecting Wall and Abrasion Resistant. The wear resistance of C.C Seamless Wall Cloth is much better than wall paper; it's no problem to abrade general long fiber fabric many times. Because wall cloth is by fiber combination and interweave, thousands of fibers get together, its fastness and strength is huge. Therefore, Once the whole piece of wall cloth paste on the wall, that means add the whole wall another layer of mild steel screen. Mouldproof and Antifouling. C.C Seamless Wall Cloth of wall cloth develops is mostly polyester fiber fabric, the characteristics of the raw material itself is not mildew, and not decay. In the general conditions will not appear mildew and decay. If the wall’s humidity is big, it can through tiny pores ruled out a wall inside the moisture, preventing wall mildew and falling off
Plentiful Color and Sample. C.C Seamless Wall Cloth products fabric strictly according to the national standards of the execution, color fastness is strong, stable color can keep not being fading, non-discoloring, new during the service life period.

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