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Certification of products in Europe

    Getting a certificate on European product;
    Procedure of veterinary monitoring and getting European foodstuffs certificate;
    Czech Republic issues certificates valid in all EU countries, without the certificate is not any food product may not be sold in the EU;
    The veterinary control should be understand as getting the certificate of food products, without the certificate import foodstuffs in the European Union - banned;


    The contact with the business of the manufacturer;
    Full information about the necessary products;
    The visit;
    Meeting at the airport, the movement in the country (permanent escorts, an interpreter, a car or other mode of your choice);
    The negotiations;
    Full support for import and export operations;

Legal services
  1. Real estate sales

    Residential complexes;
    Individualized treatment;
    A wide range of proposals;
    The visit to inspect the real estate;

Practical services
  1. Search products matchmaking organization of business contacts, receive background information on potential business partners:

    Background includes the following items:
    • Full name of the company
    • The Internet address
    • E-mail
    • Form owned enterprises
    • Number of employees at the plant
    • A year of the business
    • The degree of sophistication
    • Production capacity
    • Raw materials used in production
    • Major regions for export
    • Terms of payment products used in the enterprise
    • The address for the return or compensation for defective products
    • The import and export licences
    • Certificates of conformity (international) (information on it availability)
    • Certificates of conformity (Czech Republic) (information on it availability)
    • Detailed coordinates actual address
    • Minimum volume, which is the producer
    • Prices for a particular item is the business
    • Information on the conditions of supply, packaging, transport, etc. and conditions and costs
    • Conducted preliminary negotiations with the enterprise
    • Translation information

    It should be understood: we can provide only the information which provided by the factory. Information commercial nature, or if the company does not agree to provide information, such as equipment or raw materials used, we can not allow this.

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