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Murano glass and murano glass jewelry is a kind of glass objects created and treated glass made only and exclusively on the Isle of Murano in Italy. Since the 13th century, glassmakers of Murano Venice Italy have created signature works and processes for glass products such as lighting, artistic Murano glass sculpture, glassware, jewelry. Murano glass and murano glass jewelry is a beautiful medium of art, and comes with an ancient history of innovation and the great Italian passion for art, design and beauty.
The process of making Murano glass and murano glass jewelry is rather complex. Most Murano glass art is made using the lamp-working technique. The murano glass is made from silica (Sand), which becomes liquid at high temperatures. As the glass passes from a liquid to a solid state, there is an interval wherein the glass is soft before it hardens completely, allowing the artisan to shape the material. Masters glassmaker can mold it into whatever shape is desired, from tiny beads to fragile vases or lamps.
In the late 13th century, glass factories where operating in Venice and glassmakers were ordered by the Venetian government to move all their factories to the Island of Murano. It is believed that this was done out of fear of the high temperature firing done by glassmakers, a danger in the largely wooden city of Venice. The glassmaking community of Murano became highly important to the Italian trade, and prized for its beauty.
Within a century, the glassmakers were the most prominent citizens on the island. They were allowed privileges usually reserved for nobility, such as marrying into aristocracy and wearing swords. Their goods became so important to the economy of the island that glassmakers were forbidden to move anywhere else, out of fear that they would sell trade secrets to other cities. Nobility used to remake the own jewels using Murano glass on the place of precious minerals as stones and diamonds, to avoid to be robbed of their treasures by the robbers of that time.
There is a Trade Mark of Original Murano glass that should be a proof of origin, it's certifies that the product has been made in the Island of Murano, which is provided by Veneto Region of Italy. Nevertheless, many factories and master glassmakers of the Island of Murano, cannot afford it, and grant their products without that specific trade mark label.
AzanyLuxury co-operates also with such Master glassmakers who, even so, release their signatures and their certificates of authenticity along with every product. We feed our soul searching out the most important raw materials they use like 24 kt gold leaf, silver, platinum and the most brilliants colors they are able to create.
It's important for us to move on like in a big family, this is the main score of Azany Luxury, to achieve the perfect synchrony among artisans, Azany Luxury and clients. Granting Murano glass and murano glass jewelry are which our clients create themselves with simple requests and with a perfect delivery time at the right price.
AzanyLuxury believes that is also important "touching with hands" before to acquire the Murano glass and murano glass jewelry and for that reason we invite our clients to visit us at Murano Island in Italy, to enjoy the beauty of the workmanship of the Murano glass items at anytime they desire. Just contacting us at

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