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Obtain a residence permit in Latvia when purchasing real estate or commercial real estate

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Purchasing of any kind of real estate in Latvia - is an obtaining a residence permit

Buying of any kind of real estate, land, industrial facilities, commercial property, houses in Latvia give the right to obtain a residence permit in Latvia (A residence permit in Europe).
A residence permit in Latvia is a document (ultimately a physical residence card), which provides a foreigner with the right to reside (live, work, study or do business) in the Republic of Latvia for a definite or indefinite period depending upon the type of permit issued.
A residence permit is required to obtain if you are going to stay in Latvia longer than 90 days during half a year, counting with the first day of the entry.
Temporary residence permit could be issued:
– if you are willing and able to purchase suitable property or real estate in Latvia then you might have the option of a 5 year residence permit based on real estate purchase
– if you have funds to invest in a new or existing business in Latvia then a residence permit based on business investment might be an option for you.
– if you have funds to invest, but prefer more security than can be offered by a business investment, then a residence permit based on financial investment in a Latvian Bank might be the option for you.

On conditions that a foreigner has uninterruptedly been staying in Latvia during 5 years with temporary residence permit, a foreigner may apply for a permanent residence permit and citizenship.

The foreigners who holds a Latvian residence permit may spend longer than 90 days in Latvia as well as other Schengen countries (members of the Schengen Area) and do not require any further visas or documentation to visit another Schengen state for the purposes of business or tourism. However, a Latvian residence permit do not give the foreigners rights to work in other Schengen countries, since Schengen agreement does not regulate issues of employment.

Offers for flats, houses, industrial facilities, commercial property and other real estates in Latvia:

If you are willing and able to buy industrial facility, commercial property, houses or real estate in Latvia, we will send you any additional information and answer all your questions. We guarantee visa support for touring the property. We guarantee full legal assistance/ support for preparation of transactions of flats, houses, any other real estate in Latvia. We draw up the documents to obtain a residence permit or citizenship.

Get more offers for real estates in Latvia  »

Get more offers for real estates in Latvia  »

We have an extensive database of real estate in Latvia. Write us and we will select real estate or land in any place in Latvia according to your request. We will help you with visa application so you could come and look at your choice.


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