Russia Diesel fuel additives: CETIM, COLHIM, LUBRIM

Diesel fuel additives reduce fuel consumption

Garsis Manufacturer of additives to diesel fuel: CETIM, CALLHIM, LUBRIM

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Diesel fuel additives: CETIM, COLHIM, LUBRIM

Our additives to diesel fuel improve certain performance indicators of car engines: they reduce fuel consumption, improve lubricity, increase operating period of a car engine, increase its efficiency, reduce emissions of NO2, CO, HC, hard particles, smooth the engine stiffness and noise. We provide the additives for all types of diesel fuel, in accordance with modern requirements for engines Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5.
Cetane improver additive CETIM: improves the diesel fuel cetane number, reduces fuel mixture ignition delays, increases combustion uniformity and completeness in the engine, smooths stiffness of the diesel engine operation and makes the engine easier to start, reduces fuel consumption for the engine by 5 – 7%.
Dispersing depressant COLHIM: a multipurpose additive for diesel fuel, lowers the freezing temperature limit and cold filter plugging point of diesel fuel, improves diesel fuel fluidity and increases its shelf life at low temperatures (up to – 18°C)) without fuel stratification.
Anti-wear additive LUBRIM: protects fuel equipment, injectors and high pressure fuel pumps of diesel engines from premature wear when low sulphur diesel fuel types are used.
All additives have been tested and officially registered in Russia. According to test results for all fuel additives, positive opinions of "All-Russian Research Institute for Oil Refining" (JSC "VNII NP") and the FAA "25 State Scientific Research Institute of Chemmotology of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation" are received, and a certificate of production conformity is received too.
The diesel fuel additives CETIM, COLHIM, LUBRIM have European passport REACH and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for chemical production. These additives may be imported and sold in the European Union.

The products are shipped using all types of rail transport and road transport. Minimum order is Tank Bulk, delivery and shipment terms are according to the contract, the terms of payment is advance payment.

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