Real Estate is in Gandia, Valencia Community (Spain). Buy real estate: the flat, house, land, industrial facilities, commercial property in Spain

Buying and renting properties, apartments, houses, flats, villas, and others properties around Gandia. (Valencia Community)

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Houses and real estate for sale is in Gandia, Valencia Community (Spain)

Buying, selling, renting, properties around Valencia Community (Spain)

Buying and renting properties, apartments, houses, flats, villas, and others properties around Gandia. (Valencia Community). We are ready to make agreements without payment in advance.
We can find the best opportunity for you. Offering you different options around the area of La Safor. (Southern Valencia Community)
We are ready to find tenants for your Spanish property, there is the possibility to conclude, an agreement for further contract of your property (selecting tenants, for renting, selling or whatever concerning to your Spanish property). We also are in position to carry on with other issues of your property like, domestic works, maintenance, bills payments, etc.
Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and one of the most important trading sea port in Europe. At the moment, the prices for Real Estate activities are more suitable than other places like Madrid or Barcelona as well as other products or services. One apartment by the sea can be bought from about 26 thousand euros. Prices are gradually starting to rise but the grow percentage during the last two years when the results became positive are still quite low.
The weather is magnificent during summer between 30 to 38 Celsius degrees and during winter time is not lower than 15. The worst weather is during January and February with little drops.
In April, all again to the beach, enjoying the quiet and safe Mediterranean sea. The sun is not as hot as in summer but you can get easily burned, if you don't take precautions. The water temperature, on Valencia beaches even during winter time does not fall below 16, during summer the water on the sea warm up to 28 degrees.
Many foreigners consider the purchase of a property in Spain like a profitable investment.
For example, you can buy an apartment for between 30.000 to 50.000 euros and rent it for 300 or 400 euros per month or 200 to 2000 euros per a week during the high season which last more than 5 months.
Communal expenses are not so expensive obviously there is not heating, it is not necessary. The property purchase could be done by your Company saving up the government taxes and VAT refund. You can live in Russia or other place during the summer and renting your property in Spain and come back to Spain in winter to enjoy the worm weather, also the quality of life is a lot higher.
Real Estate offers in Spain:
Real State in Spain offers you picture, and descriptions of the property, you can find here prices and payment conditions,
Do not hesitate to contact us in the case you may be interested to make with us Real Estate activities. We will send you any additional further information in order to answer your questions or doubts.
We guarantee VISA support to Spain for your inspection. We guarantee full legal assistance and support in the different purchase issues of any Real State activity around Spain.

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