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"M&N Group Ltd"

M&N Group Limited was established on 16th January 1975. The company is a provider of corporate services to the legal and accountancy professions - including the registration, administration and management of UK and offshore companies - with a client base that extends worldwide.

Register your First UK company for only Ј35.00* plus VAT (GBP Sterling character)

• Registration and management or UK companies and UK LLPs;
• Registration and management of Offshore companies;
• Opening of a bank accounts for these companies;
• Law assistance in opening of bank accounts;
• Opening of a bank account in Luxembourg or Cyprus;
• Provision of company secretary;
• Provision of corporate director or shareholder;
• Provision of registered office;
• Maintenance of statutory books;
• Preparation and filing of accounts for trading and dormant companies;
• Preparation and drafting of other documentation required by company;
• Set up UK Limited companies or UK Limited Liability Partnerships (UK LLP) in the UK and the following offshore companies:

    Seychelles IBC
    British Virgin Islands
    Marshall Islands LLC
    New York LLC
    Washington DC LLC
    New Jersey LLC
    Hong Kong
    Cyprus IBC
    Mauritius GBC I & GBCII

We also undertake services such as accountancy, book-keeping and other secretarial services that our clients require.

*The offer does not include the service of company secretary, director, registered office. The price thereafter Ј95.00 (GBP) plus VAT.

UK Limited Liability Partnership (UK LLP)

UK LLP is still quite a new form of legal entity (since 2001) and it works partly like a company (limited liability of members) and partly as a partnership, as it is taxed like a partnership (there is NO corporation tax, but partners (members) are responsible for their own tax affairs with their local tax authorities in the relevant countries.

UK LLP does not pay ANY tax in the UK so long as (ZERO TAX LIABILITY):

1. There is no trading in the UK or with UK companies;
2. It is owned and managed by UK non-resident individuals;

The structure that M&N sells more often to UK non-residents, is a UK LLP owned by 2 offshore companies acting a Designated Members (there is a requirement of 2 Designated Members), i.e. BVI companies or Seychelles IBCs.

By appointing 2 offshore companies, privacy can be ensured by the individuals acting for the UK LLP and consequently for the offshore companies, as there will be no details disclosed in the UK (as only the names of offshore companies will appear) and also no details in the country of incorporation of offshore companies, i.e. BVI or Seychelles as there is NO publicly accessible records in the BVI or the Seychelles.

(Open a Bank Account for UK LLP in Luxembourg)
| |
(or Seychelles IBC)

Designated member
Bank Account for BVI
or Seychelles IBC
(or Seychelles IBC)

Designated member
Bank Account for BVI
or Seychelles IBC
| |
UK Not-resident individual
(Poland or Hungary citizen)
Director and owner

Personal Bank Account
UK Not-resident individual
(Poland or Hungary citizen)
Director and owner

Personal Bank Account

Limited Liability Partnerships >> doc

Seychelles IBC

Advanages of the Seychelles

Generally offshore companies are used for international trading, holding assets and investment.
The jurisdiction that we recommend the most to our clients is Seychelles International Business Company (IBC).
There are many advantages of Seychelles IBC and the main advantage being that they do not have requirements to file any information on Directors or beneficial owners with the Registrar of Seychelles, therefore no information is available on public file and full privacy can be ensured. Also there is no requirement to file accounts or prepare any statements on an annual basis, so such companies are extremely easy to manage and there is minimal paperwork involved. Most importantly Seychelles companies do not pay any tax in the Seychelles, apart from a flat fee which is the government licence fee paid annually.
With effect from July 2005 the most recent EU Tax Saving Directive imposed very strict law regulations and as a result jurisdictions such as BVI, Bahamas, Belize and Isle of Man, which are dependencies of the UK (EU), are suffering very strict law tightening.
Seychelles, being a totally independent jurisdiction from the UK, is FREE of these changes.

M & N are able to register new companies within 1-2 days.

SEYCHELLES - International Business Companies (IBCs) >> pdf

How are we affected by the most recent EU STD and why are Seychelles or Mauritius our best options? >> doc

GUIDANCE NOTES & ACCOUNT OPENING CHECKLIST. New Corporate Account Application: Barclays Bank (Seychelles) >> doc

Offshore Corporate Services and Application Form >> doc

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