International China shipping service is by delivery cargo to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Russia and other countries

Vsloar logistics is a freight shipping company, customs clearance of goods services, logistics from China to UAE, USA, Canada, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia

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Our company is customs operator and International shipping service, who is providing customs brokerage services, the processing of the goods at the customs control zone and the temporary storage warehouse, the customs and commercial warehouse, consulting and so on.
• Provide customs clearance for the auto, the air, and the railway customs terminals;
• Draw excisable goods and the complex loads;
• Prove the customs value of goods;
• Logistics optimization;
• Electronic declaration;
• Container shipping;
• Air freight;
• Preparation of import-export and freight documentation, delivery of the final consumer;
• International container shipping from China;

Container traffic / container shipping

We are offering container traffic. This type of transportation is particularly relevant to the intercontinental transports. The container freight is delivery by sea from China to UAE, USA, Canada, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe. Reception and forwarding of goods are being produced in European ports, Baltic's ports, and Russia ports.

Freight forwarding services

We offer a range of freight forwarding services when the sea transportation is provided:
• Sea shipping using the various products, including container;
• Acceptance of freight of any quantity, validation of the required documents and provision of continuous monitoring (tracking) of the freight status;
• Freight consolidation;
• Elaboration of optimal routes of transportation through the main cargo seaport operations;
• Agency service and processing at the seaport;
• "Door to door" delivery and assistance in customs validation;

Customs clearing services are in Riga, Latvia and Novorossiysk, Russia

We give the full spectrum of services of the customs broker at the organization of deliveries on conditions from "door to door":
• Transit through Latvia;
• Customs clearing;
• Payment of customs payments and taxes for the client.

Vsloar logistics Co. Ltd - Our central office is in Amoy, China. We are offering the total customs services, the logistics services, and the delivery /shipping door-to-door services.

Price list is for full container (FOB port China). The price can change

Marine Cargo Ship / Freight charge ±
Seaport in China Delivery Container Price usd Days
Shanghai Klaipeda (Lithuania) 20 HQ 800 35
Shenzhen Klaipeda (Lithuania) 20 HQ 650 35
Shanghai Genoa (Italy) 20 HQ 600 25
Shanghai Novorossiysk (Russia) 40 HQ 1300 33
Ningbo Vancouver 20/ 40/ 40 HQ 441/ 500/ 533 15
Ningbo Hamburg 20/ 40/ 40 HQ 482/ 747/ 765 28
Ningbo Los Angeles 20/ 40/ 40 HQ 453/ 517/ 533 12
Ningbo New York 20/ 40/ 40 HQ 580/ 676/ 755 34
Ningbo Birmingam 20/ 40/ 40 HQ 755/ 882/ 911 22

Price list is for full container (EXW China). The price can change

Railway Cargo Ship / Freight charge ±
International shipping Delivery Container Price usd Days
Zhongshan Almaty 20 ft 5019 usd 20-23
Zhongshan Almaty 40 ft 7100 usd 20-23

Price list is for Air Shipping

*The price can change ±
Air Shipping Delivery Weight Price usd Days
Shanghai Lanzarote Canary Islands, Spain from 20 kg 6,26 usd/kg (with customs cliar) 5
Shanghai Poland (Warsaw) from 20 kg 7,26 usd/kg (with customs cliar) 5