Practical services in Ukraine. Search the business partner


Searching and supplying of Ukraine’s goods, materials, equipment, raw materials and products;
Finding suppliers, manufacturers, and delivery of the goods by the world;
Negotiations, check of the suppliers;
Ensure a stable supply from the found a supplier with a full freight forwarding to the specified item.
Make an order, delivery of goods. Prepare all necessary documentation. If you have already found a supplier, but don’t want or can’t work with them directly, we negotiate, conclude contracts from own name;
Full support of export-import operations;
Other services in the field of international trade;

Practical services
Searching the business partners, market research:
• Practical support for the entry of Ukraine’s market;
• Provision of databases on potential clients or partners;
• Conduct preliminary negotiations on your behalf;
• A presentation of the company and the appointment of meetings;
• Market research (the availability of competitors in the market, the major operators, market size, etc.);
• Information support of business resources in Ukraine;
• Information about business publications, advertising, control of output, accounting;
• Analyzes the market, certain sectors and segments;
• Advice on choosing partners/ suppliers, the definition of free-market niches, and niches with a minimum level of competition;
• Analysis of the level of competition, the strengths and weaknesses of competitors;
• Information on major trade and distribution centers;
• Organization of business contacts;

Diagnostics, psychological support of the business. Forming of teams.

Conference - Accompanying
Auto transfer;
Booking rooms, reception and care of guests, delegations and business partners;
Selection and rent for conferences, congresses, exhibitions, presentations;
Food, including coffee breaks, business lunch, friendly dinners, banquets, barbecues;
Visa support of foreign nationals;
Organization of cultural, entertainment and excursions;
Guarded parking lot;
Participation in the exhibitions.

Developer services
The choice of the area. Selection, examination and verification of land for construction.
Development of the concept of the investment project.
Project management.
Services by the agreement.
Provide of the legal support for the project.

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